F.A.C.T.S. 2016 – Part 02 (eng)

Dies ist ein Experiment um die Übersetzung von www.deepl.com für meinen Blog zunutzen.
This is an experiment to use the translation of www.deepl.com for my blog.
card_facts_2016_3I continue with Part 2 of my blog about the FACTS 2016 in Ghent.
( F.A.C.T.S. 2016 Part 01)

The Costumes:
I never thought I would say this: but after the two days I can’t look at red-blue sparkly hotpans anymore!
One out of two girls was dressed in the new Harley Quinn costume, at the beginning it was quite funny and nice to see, but at some point it was too much and finally it lost every „attractiveness“. The few Classic, Arkham or SC-52’s Harleys were a real delight, even that one Date Night Harley was better than this wave of red-blue sparklers.
On the boys‘ side this time leather jackets and baseball bats with barbed wire were the latest trend, but luckily not sooo extreme as the HQ invasion. What I really missed were cosplays of the new Power Rangers, or there were some that I thought were halo cosplays.This time I saw a lot of unusual and rare characters, cosplays that I had never seen before. E. g.: Katsuragi Misato with Pen2 (NGE); Cobra Commander (GI-Joe); Faith Militant (GoT); Wilma and Betty (Flintstones); Maui (Moana); Girl with the pearl earring; Freddie Mercury (I Want to Break Free); Professor Chaos and Mysterion (South Park); Human Hunter (Planet of the Apes); Sara Pezzini (Witchblade); Sorceress of Castle Grayskull (He Man); Yzma und Kronk (The Emperor’s New Groove); The Ghostbusters Logo; Darth Joker; ….

Besides of the SC-Harley Quinn and Walking Dead flood, I have noticed that there are more and more cosplays of Overwatch heroes. It seems they are slowly replacing the League of Legends champions. In addition, there were also more Alice characters, especially as a group or family cosplay.

If there are so many good cosplays then you can also take lots of great pictures. The usual challenges is to find a good place where many people pass by, but with enough free room, a good background, no disturbing light, etc. Unfortunately, you can’t find all of this in one spot. But that’s the life of a con-photographer. 😉
A total of over 900 raw photos, of which about 600 will be released, I think the output for two days of con-days is very good.

The end of the first Day:1024_img_20161023_164524
Shortly before the end of the first day, we went shopping as planned. And in this context, a toast to the modern communication paths. So I could send my owl (girlfriend) live pictures of the ALL Dr. Who T-Shirts. And of course she couldn’t decide which one I should buy.
As at most cons I was almost thrown out because they did close at 7:00 pm. Then we went back to the central station (HBF) by tram. with special trains every 3 minutes as non-stop connections; the wagons were crowded, but no crushing or pushing.
From the central station it is only a short walk to the hotel. Then shower, turn on the TV and then put the feet up. First day FACTS 2016 survived…..

Day two:
On the first day it turned out so good with taxi and tram. I thought I might do the same thing on the second day. Most importantly, I want to move the scrap car as little as possible in city traffic. At 10:00 am, the number of visitors was lower than on Saturday at the same time and so I was much faster at the weapons check and at the entrance, even though the slalom at  the barriers. With the less crowd, it was easier for me to concentrate on the Cosplayers and to intercept them. Later it got filled up again, but not as crowded as on Saturdays, like a typical Con Sunday.
From then on it continued like the Saturday ends : Walking around and shooting photos…..

Special occasions:
As I said before: I can’t see any more red-blue sparkly hot pants!!!
The happy and surprised expression of the cosplayers‘ face, showing characters which are rarely seen as cosplay. When you ask for a photo and tell them that you have identified the figure.
I ask a cosplayer and her mother helps her to put on her costume jacket. At that moment I sense that this is not going fast enough for her mother and so that the whole situation becomes embarrassing for the cosplayer. I try to calm her down with gestures and words, that she should prepare herself without any stress and that I have plenty of time. I hope that helped her a little bit.
And usual: „I don’t need your card. I know you, you are McHenry.“

The journey home:
At 05:00 pm I had to leave the Con and start my journey back. First with the tram back to the central station (HBF), which, as on the previous day, was well populated and also without crowding. Back at the hotel to change and then hoping that the car will survive the way home.
Due this idea I was able to save a lot of traffic jams at the exhibition centre, so it felt that, even with the tram ride, I was much faster and better on the motorway than in the last years. Then, with loud music from Sabaton (best highway music ever) I went back to Essen almost without any traffic jams. And luckily, the transmission survived the whole 300 km back and so I and my owl were happy when I finally arrived home. Unload the car quickly, save the approx. 900 photos and then put my feet up…. but how to say: After the con, before the con…

A few tips for German Cons…
As good as the German cons are, there are some important points that the Orga can learn from Dutch and Belgian cons, especially from the FACTS.
Especially the following:

  • Efficient ticket/entry controls
  • Wide corridors, pathway system
  • The supply of food and drink (choice and quality)
  • Enough open cash desk at the catering incl. the possibility of card payments
  • Enough seats / chillout zone (s)
  • Good free WiFi
  • Individual control of cosplayprops instead of a total banning.
  • Clear rules for cosplayprops which are also known to the security.
  • Special trains / trams on a straight route between the fair and the central station

Loot: 1024_dsc_5391

  • A Tiger T-shirt for me
  • A Dr. Who T-Shirt for my owl
  • Harley Quinn Figure (52 SC)
  • Figure of the old Han Solo (SW-TFA)
  • Toralei Figure
  • Lego Zombie Cheerleader
  • Two plushies

As expected, the FACTS has not disappointed me in 2016! And so, still to be helped to make the year 2016 photo- and con-technically still viable.
Although, because of the car, I couldn’t walk over it as relaxed as in past times. As usual the atmosphere was great, the costumes were great as always, so I could take a lot of great photos. Even if there was a lot of running for me this time because of the size and the new setup, but that keeps me in shape.
The hotel turned out to be a great fortune. It was cheaper and also better in terms of traffic than the Holiday Inn Expo. This is why I want it for next year too.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to the Spring-FACTS in 2017, because the Steamtropolis in Bochum is on the same weekend. But I have already made a fixed schedule note for the FACTS in October 2017.

In this way…..

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