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F.A.C.T.S. 2016 – Part 02 (eng)

Dies ist ein Experiment um die Übersetzung von www.deepl.com für meinen Blog zunutzen.
This is an experiment to use the translation of www.deepl.com for my blog.
card_facts_2016_3I continue with Part 2 of my blog about the FACTS 2016 in Ghent.
( F.A.C.T.S. 2016 Part 01)

The Costumes:
I never thought I would say this: but after the two days I can’t look at red-blue sparkly hotpans anymore!
One out of two girls was dressed in the new Harley Quinn costume, at the beginning it was quite funny and nice to see, but at some point it was too much and finally it lost every „attractiveness“. The few Classic, Arkham or SC-52’s Harleys were a real delight, even that one Date Night Harley was better than this wave of red-blue sparklers.
On the boys‘ side this time leather jackets and baseball bats with barbed wire were the latest trend, but luckily not sooo extreme as the HQ invasion. What I really missed were cosplays of the new Power Rangers, or there were some that I thought were halo cosplays. Weiterlesen

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